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WM 2012 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R5.1 R5.1 SP1 R5.2 R5.3
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Why should you upgrade to Windowmaker 2012?

Windowmaker 2012 is a product derived from efforts, wisdom and knowledge gained over 500 man years. It comes with a fresh new user interface which is modern but familiar and boasts of numerous off-the-shelf superlative reports.

What’s new in Windowmaker 2012?

Windowmaker 2012 comes with a host of new promising features. These will help you make the most of the product in terms of ease of use and efficiency. Click on the links below to glance at some of the major highlights in Windowmaker 2012.

  • General
  • Link to LogiKal
  • Bays, Bows
  • Georgian Grids and Sunburst
  • Production Scheduling
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Windload Calculations
  • Windowmaker Alu-Lite
  • Windowmaker ERP
  • Purchase Ordering & Electronic Glass Orders
  • And enhancements to following options
For a complete list of new features click here.