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What is the difference between data and program?

The program consists of files with extensions 'exe' and 'dll'. These are the instructions which tell the computer how to perform the calculations and drive the user interface, they cannot be altered by the user and do not change while the program is running. The data is made up of two parts:

1. The details of the profile dimensions, when and how those profiles are to be joined, reinforcement, fittings, glass types etc.
2. The details of the jobs and quotations which the user enters.

When we talk about data we are usually referring to the first part.

How can I find out where my data and program have been installed?

You can check the icons created on your desktop to find out where your program and data files are installed. Select the icon and right click using the mouse. On the menu that drops down, select Properties. The path indicated by 'Target' is where the program files are installed and the path indicated by 'Start In' is where the data files are installed.

Which printers does Windowmaker support?

Windowmaker supports any Microsoft Windows compatible printer.

Technical Requirements

Before installing and attempting to run Windowmaker, please ensure that you meet the standard minimum requirements. For more details Click here.

To view and download the Pre-requisites for your Windowmaker program, Click here.

About Windowmaker
How do I buy Windowmaker?

You can buy Windowmaker products from our dealers and partners located in your region. You can also fill and submit the Sales Enquiry Form on our website and someone from our sales team will contact you soon to discuss your requirements further. If your enquiry is urgent please call us on +44 (0)20 8390 4931 or email

Will I be charged for upgrading from my current version to the latest version?

No, if you are on a valid WUP, you will not be charged for upgrading to the latest version. WUP provides a comprehensive service to support and protect your investment in Windowmaker software. The WUP eliminates uncertainty over continued investment, as a single annual/quarterly/monthly payment ensures you remain on the latest version. Renewed on an annual basis, your WUP will ensure that you benefit from all the latest development and enhancements in the software, as well as access to the comprehensive support network.

Using Windowmaker
Are Windowmaker products compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system?

Yes, the following Windowmaker products (version 5.601 onwards) are compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system:

Does Windowmaker work with 64-bit operating systems?

Windowmaker supports 64-bit operating systems.

Windows 7 has a feature called Windows XP mode. If using the Windows XP mode the processes that do not work on 64-bit editions will work correctly. (You will need a USB dongle to use Windowmaker in the Windows XP mode).

Note that the Windows XP mode is only available with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions. Windows XP mode can be resorted to in case computers with 32-bit operating system are not available.

Click here to see more details about Windows XP mode.

NOTE: Windows 8 does not support Windows XP mode. For more details click here.

Are Windowmaker reports customizable?

Yes, Windowmaker provides a flexible and powerful reporting facility that provides up-to-date information to help in all areas of your business. Should you require customizing any of the standard reports or create a new report, please Ask Us for a quote.

About Windowseller
How is Windowseller licensed?

Windowseller works on hardware lock (Dongle). During installation, the program creates an encrypted license file that uniquely identifies the program with a computer.

What is a License File and why do I need to backup the license file?
  • When Windowseller is installed on a PC, it creates an encrypted license file in the installation directory called Ws3-4420.slx. If you have purchased Windowseller , it is vital that you back-up this file to a safe place.
  • Otherwise, if you have to perform a format, Windowseller will revert to unregistered status when reinstalled. If this is the case the above file can be copied into the installation directory (overwrite the existing .slx file) which will restore the license on the PC (status will change to 'Registered Copy' again).
  • After registering Windowseller, always back up the Ws3-4420.slx file to a safe place! If the hard disk fails and has to be replaced and a new license will have to be purchased, the slx file will not work with the new hard disk. A commercial user should insure against computer failure.
How will I get a User ID and Password?

The first time you upgrade you will be provided a User ID. Also, if you upgrade to any one of the options below you will be provided 'SUPERVISOR' as the User Name and a 'Password' to login to the program.

  • Costing/Pricing.
  • Upgrade from 250 to 9999 Quotes/Jobs
Using Windowseller
How do I create Windowseller data?

Windowseller data is created in Windowmaker by using the 'Create Windowseller data' menu entry available in the 'Tools' menu. For further details please refer to the 'How to Create Windowseller Data' section in the Windowmaker Help system.

When I update my data, can I provide these changes to the Reseller?

Any changes in the Supplier data will have to be provided to the Reseller by creating new Windowseller data. You can provide the updated data to the Reseller. However, this data will not contain any of the changes that the Reseller has done in the previously provided data. If you have made only costing/pricing changes, you will just have to provide a new WM. CFG file that reflects these changes. Before providing the new file, ensure that your data version matches with the data version being used by your Reseller.

Windowseller works most efficiently with Supplier data. Once you have received the data from your supplier you will need to download some standard files available on the website. In this case the supplier (fabricator) needs to be running the Windowmaker program.

Can I have data from more than one supplier?

Yes, you can have data from more than one supplier. The data of individual suppliers should be kept in separate folders and the Windowseller program in a different folder such that the program can easily be run on any data.

When I create a window the program says it is impossible. What is the most likely problem?

The most likely problem if you cannot enter a specific type of window is the way the data has been set-up. Whenever there is an error the program goes into 'wire frame' mode. The error dialog indicates the nature of the error.

How easy is it to get Profile data for my Windowseller?

You should either:

  • Install the Profile data. Click here to get the Profile data, OR
  • Contact your Supplier and ask him to provide the Profile data, if your profile company is not listed.
How do I transfer my Windowseller program from one machine to another?

To transfer the Windowseller program you first need to transfer the data and licence information to the new machine. Please refer to the following How To's in the Windowseller Help file for detailed procedure:

  • How to Transfer your Windowseller Licence
  • How to transfer Windowseller Data to another machine