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Eltherington’s changed to Windowmaker software in 1994. The main reason for its selection was its ability to keep pace with changing demands and industry developments. It has not let us down and has always been capable of being developed to meet our needs. Today we use Windowmaker for everything from the quotation stage, through production and delivery planning, driving automated machinery and despatching of goods via Bar Code scanning. Sophisticated reporting that utilises the SQL data base ensures that every aspect of our business is monitored and measured. This includes the value of work-in-progress, sales forecasting, accurate material costing and actual versus target production information. Indeed, It provides us with all the real time financial and management information that these days is a must have.

Guy Stubbs, Group Operations Director, Eltherington Industries Ltd, UK

Having used Windowmaker for 28 years it is quite simply the most user-friendly, adaptable and comprehensive pieces of software for the window and door industry that I have ever seen. Moreover the latest version, Windowmaker 2012, is the best version yet, and enables us to estimate/price everything we produce, including curtain walling, with links to our machinery, our glass supplier and to our stock control system.

Robert Parr, PVC Fabrication Manager, NPT Homes Limited, Wales

We want to thank the Windowmaker Support Team for quickly resolving the SQL database issue we’ve been dealing with. The support staff was very prompt and had a high level of technical knowledge. Their assistance is greatly appreciated!

Donna Marsh, Versalite Windows

The Support Team went out of their way to explain to me why the grid placements weren't lining up properly. They even went so far as to create an example (from scratch) that I could look at. Very informative. They also managed to fix a minor printer issue we've been dealing with! Thanks so much!

Donald Davidson, Humphrey Products

We are a multi-award winning timber door and window manufacturer and have recently won another award for our workmanship. Thanks to Windowmaker Software, our quoting times have been dramatically reduced, manually drafting paperwork has almost been cut out, and accurate cutting lists and bills of material are produced leaving no room for error. Windowmaker has certainly helped in giving us an advantage and keeping us a step ahead of our competitors.

An Australian Customer

Over the 21 years we have used Windowmaker it has provided our company with a rock-solid production tool at all our production lines and for all materials in our product range. Machinery links installed have included a link to Weinig CNC machines.

Munster Joinery

Windowmaker has helped us reduce our wastage, especially on hardwood materials, by enabling us to produce accurate cutting details for the shop-floor every time, as well as providing accurate ordering quantities. In addition, the speed at which we can turnaround architects’ drawings into production has led to considerable gains in efficiency.

Peter Mitchell, Mozolowski & Murray

Windowmaker is flexible and adaptable, which is key for it to work alongside our existing system. The integration with our business ensures that errors are minimised and the documentation reduced for suppliers is correct, reducing our costs, lead times and increasing compliance.

Mike Dobson, H W Architectural Ltd

We evaluated several fenestration software packages before finally selecting Windowmaker as the ideal software for the fabricators. As, fabricators in different parts of the country have diverse requirements, Windowmaker’s unmatched versatility has proved to be its most important feature. The software is very easy to use, giving our fabricators greater control over their operations with increased productivity and efficiency. Windowmaker’s well-established local customer support team has, time and again, provided good support in clarifying doubts and resolving problems.

M. N. Shridhar, NCL WINTECH

Thank you for your speedy response to getting our program installed on the new laptop. I was extremely impressed with your help and patience as I am not great with the technical details of computers!

Jannele Edwards, Great Southern Joinery

I am so happy for you.1st thank you so much for your lovely support for me. "Even if every flower in the world had a voice I couldn`t send as many as it would take 2 say thanks enough!


On the estimating side Windowmaker’s speed of quoting has helped us increase our sales significantly over the 14 years we have been using it. On the production side higher levels of efficiency have been possible through the speed of producing accurate cutting lists, job sheets and glass lists, all of which cuts out any chance of human error.

Craig Lovatt, Custom Precision Joinery

Using Windowmaker for our operations has helped us eliminate costly manufacturing errors, as the program always gives us correct sizes. We generate our Quotations, Bills of Material, and various other Reports from Windowmaker. We maintain a centralized database at our Head Office and access the same from our fabrication units in different cities. This helps us have complete control of sensitive data while ensuring that the program brings efficiencies to various business functions. The software is user-friendly, intuitive and highly flexible. We look forward to extending the use of Windowmaker software to cover more functional areas in the coming months.

Hitesh Agrawal, Dhabriya Agglomerates

India is a rapidly developing market for uPVC windows and companies have to adapt quickly to the constantly evolving scenario. We believe Windowmaker is the ideal software partner that can deliver solutions for our particular needs and allow us to stay competitive. The key benefit of Windowmaker has been in terms of cost-savings and efficient order processing. The order entry is very simple and intuitive which saves us a lot of time. The software is very user friendly and it is easy to train the staff to use it.

P. P. Prabhakaran, EN CRAFT / Ajay Industrial Corporation

The Windowmaker ERP training you provided allowed me to see touch points between NAV and Windowmaker. It provided me with comfort that the two systems will work well together. The flow of training was good as well. Thanks Hemant for a job well done!

Jeff Clarke, Centra Windows Inc.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Windowmaker support team, who spent a lot of time today fixing our computers as we were having problems with the new version of Windowmaker. They were very helpful and extremely patient with ensuring that the upgrade was working on all 6 computers. We have a lot of quote requests in at the moment so this meant that we were not inconvenienced with delays in accessing windowmaker, so their assistance was greatly appreciated.

Debra Miglas, Miglas Australia Pty Ltd

The savings we have achieved through the use of the Windowmaker Sales System are incalculable. Not only does it provide us with savings in time and manpower in our sales office it also greatly improves the efficiency of our sales offices.

Marek Trzciński, Budvar Centrum

As we have grown so too have the demands on our business and the Windowmaker solution has developed at the same time as our business. Improved processes throughout the business have meant that we are in greater control. The reporting mechanisms have ensured that we have information that can improve the way in which we work.

Jonathan King, Riverside Joinery

We have been using Windowmaker software for over a year now. We find it very user-friendly. We employ the software primarily for estimation. The best thing seen in Windowmaker is the support we have been offered in using the software.

Mr. Ashish Arora, Partner, Turning Solutions Limited

Windowmaker Software is the brain-center for all of our operations. It offers the efficiency and flexibility needed by ADG. It provides us with a complete picture of our day-to-day operations and allows us to fine-tune our processes. The Bar Optimisation feature has helped us reduce material wastage by 20%. It is a complete software with many possibilities.

Christian Proulx, Co-owner, Portes et Fenêtres ADG