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In addition to our own Windowmaker products, Windowmaker offers a complete solution – from customisation, installation and training to supporting third party software. Working closely with key software companies, Windowmaker offers both standard boxed products, volume licensing and integration services. Click on the product below for more details:

Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the world’s leading server product. Contact us for the latest pricing on new and upgrade licenses, or assistance with implementation and upgrades.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server

Providing the core database technology for Windowmaker, Microsoft SQL Server provides all your single data management and analysis solution.

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that automate and streamline financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in a way that helps you drive business success.
Windowmaker ERP integrates with Microsoft Dynamics products, including NAV and AX. For more information, click here to know about Windowmaker ERP and how a single business solution could improve your business.

Access your data, format it, and deliver it as information inside and outside your organization - with the latest version of Crystal Reports, the world's leading reporting tool.

Give your reports a professional appearance with Crystal Reports Standard Edition. Use its visual report designer - and a complete set of layout and design controls - to create highly formatted reports that you can show to others in your organization with confidence.

You can now create Crystal Reports in Windowseller, as well as export them in RTF, PDF and XLS formats.

  • Crystal Reports Standard Edition is the entry level product, for creating reports from PC-based data sources.
  • Crystal Reports Professional Edition is for report creation from a large variety of personal or enterprise data sources.
  • Crystal Reports Developer is for the creation and integration of reports into Web- and server-based applications.
  • Crystal Reports Server is a complete reporting solution that helps small and medium-sized organizations create, manage, and deliver reports over the Web (or embedded with business applications).

You can download a PDF brochure here.

For more information, pricing or to place an order, please Contact Us today.

Control your printing with this award-winning product. FinePrint is used for printing to paper and includes these features:

  • Save paper and ink
  • Booklet printing
  • Double-sided printing
  • Print multiple pages onto a sheet
  • Delete unwanted pages
  • Electronic letterhead
  • Watermarks, headers, footers
  • Save as JPEG, TIF, BMP

50% reduction in paper and ink

Set FinePrint to be your default printer and regularly convert your work to booklet or double sided. The counter in FinePrint shows that we average a 50% saving in paper.

Remove the need for preprinted stationery such as letter head or invoice forms

Any page sent to FinePrint can be saved as an overlay. These can then be merged to anything you subsequently send to print. We no longer buy printed letterheads and can easily include these on documents converted to PDFs.

Reliable and quick reprints

We save all of our documents that are regularly reprinted (manuals, pricelists etc.) as FinePrint files. When we need reprints we load them into FinePrint. Removing the possibility of changes in layout and the additional step of starting the original application.

Ideal when working with Windowmaker

When used alongside Windowmaker, Fineprint adds even greater flexibility to your software. Reports can be quickly previewed before printing, documents (such as orders) can be easily amended (such as with your own headers/footers) and costs are reduced through improved printing management.

Options include:

  • Standard Edition – a license for each machine
  • Server Edition – a registration that includes licenses for a multiple number of users

For more information, a free trial or to place an order, please Contact Us today.

RoofWright Options

RoofWright is the leading software package for conservatory design, and with the optional link to Windowmaker can provide part of a complete solution for companies with a conservatory option.

The Windowmaker link ensures that complex designs can still be imported and processed through Windowmaker, allowing the Windowmaker user to import directly from RoofWright. This reduces reprocessing time and eliminates errors, and the user can even launch the RoofWright application from within Windowmaker, or run as a standalone application.

For more information on the options available, follow the links below for brochures:

Uni_link of Belgium are a leading provider of a software package that is a bridge between any calculation software or CAD program and the machinery.

Uni_Link developed their software for the aluminium profile industry, but later found it being applied in many other industries.

Windowmaker have now partnered with Uni_Link, enabling the integration of their technology with Windowmaker.

Windowmaker’s Link to Uni_link

Windowmaker already offers links to 85 different models of Window Machinery.

With this link Windowmaker have, in effect, added dozens of aluminium machining centres to this list.

The link to Uni_Link allows for operation macros to be defined and reviewed visually on the screen.

[Click to Enlarge]
Benefits of the Link to Uni_Link
  • Fabricators can implement additional machining centres via standard machinery drivers.
  • Macros and link software do not need re-programming.

This helps reduce delays and saves valuable technical time and resources (and, therefore, money).

For more information or to place an order, Contact Us today.