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Windowmaker ERP

Windowmaker ERP is ultimate, fully integrated business system. Providing seamless integration between Windowmaker and Microsoft Dynamics products, Windowmaker ERP offers best of breed functionality to window and door manufacturers.

Windowmaker ERP is currently able to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV – for other systems, please Contact Us.

  • Windowmaker ERP includes an easy to use interface, with simple switching between the Windowmaker and Dynamics NAV functions.
  • Launch Windowmaker from within Microsoft Dynamics to create quotations and orders, with access to shared customer and product data.
  • With a fully integrated solution, you can eliminate multiple data sets – and introduce a single source for all key data that can be accessed and reported on.
  • This leads to single data entry - reduce wasted data processing, and end subsequent manual errors, through a single input that can then be processed through the system automatically.

Windowmaker ERP includes fully integrated suite of software options built upon the Product Configurator module. Available as a bolt-on solution for existing Microsoft Dynamics implementations, or a brand new solution to replace an existing ERP system, Windowmaker ERP provides a seamless link across all business functions.

This solution is designed to allow businesses to run a single software system throughout the organisation, thereby realising significant operational efficiencies and cost savings.

The functionality of the Product Configurator, along with the supporting modules, will be integrated with all activities associated with the order fulfilment process; from Dealer sales quotes to sales orders, production scheduling to optimisation, tracking to delivery.

Windowmaker ERP is based on the functionality available in Windowmaker SQL, with the addition of Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Key Features

More than Sales.....
  • With the Windowmaker Configurator, you can produce thousands of different designs of windows, doors and associated product.
  • Use Windowmaker Wizards, based on our popular templates, and the Drag and Drop feature to quickly create and process simple designs.
  • For complex designs, use the powerful options available through the customisable options list.
  • With Windowmaker Rules, you can ensure that designs meet requirements – from production capabilities through to stock availability.
  • Produce stunning graphical sales quotes with scaled images, that can be customised to your requirements.
  • Use the Synchronise tab in the Windowmaker group to synchronise the Windowmaker Customers, Suppliers, Sales Orders and Sales Lines with their corresponding Dynamics NAV records.
  • Enter the Normal and Extras Discounts in ‘Customer Special Terms’ tab of Microsoft NAV Dynamics.
More than Operations.....
  • With a fully integrated system, Windowmaker improves operational efficiency by only requiring a single order entry.
  • From the original sales quote, the order can pass through production, with reporting and analysis available at every stage, out to delivery and invoice.
  • With electronic orders available – both importing from resellers and installers to outputs for purchasing – both time and costs can be significantly reduced.
More than Production.....
  • Windowmaker can manage your production processes – material, workflow and changeovers can all be optimised to maximise your throughput and minimise waste and downtime.
  • With links to major working centres and machinery (such as saws and welders), Windowmaker reduces manual intervention.
  • Take control of the shop floor – with paperless production from Windowmaker Tracking, and with advanced Scheduling options, Windowmaker can optimise your production according your own defined rules.

How it Works?

  • Windowmaker ERP is built on Microsoft SQL Server the world’s favourite database system. It is compatible with all three major versions – Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise.
  • Microsoft SQL Server offers excellent performance and reliability, in a familiar database structure. Compared with the Express, the full versions of SQL Server are ideal for demanding, multi-user environments.
  • In addition, the supporting tools available (such as Reporting Services) allow extensive analysis, or easy integration with third party software – from sales systems to stock control to accounts.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is ideal for multi-site locations – this option for Windowmaker ERP allows multiple locations to synchronise data automatically, providing instant access to key information wherever you are. With SQL Triggers, automation of many tasks provides unlimited potential for growing and integrating Windowmaker as needed.
  • With Windowmaker OnDemand, the potential is unlimited. Delivering the ultimate in flexibility, Windowmaker OnDemand enables you to implement and rollout Windowmaker to any local or internet-enabled device – with full functionality, and no compromise. For information on this innovative offering, Click here.
Build My System

Windowmaker can be optimised to your requirements, in a variety of ways:
Build My System
  • Windowmaker Options – in addition to the standard product, there are a wide range of additional options that can be added to the core system to increase the features and capability of the software. Explore your options here.
  • User Type – you can also choose from different User types, including Standard, Sales and Tracking clients. Click here for more information.
  • Product Data – as well as the core Profile Data, Windowmaker can create customised data-sets specific to your business, from product details to pricing structure.
  • Implementation – a wide variety of installation and training services are available, Contact Us for more details.