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  • Windowmaker Lite is Ready to Go software enabling you to start designing and producing windows in minutes.
  • As a full version product, Windowmaker Lite requires no license key or payment.
  • Install and run immediately - including with profile system data.
  • Bolt-on Windowmaker Options to increase the functionality, or upgrade to higher level Windowmaker products.
Windowmaker Lite
Windowmaker Lite Upgrade order Form
Key Features

Key Features
More than Sales.....
  • The full version of the Windowmaker Configurator, which can produce thousands of different designs of windows, doors and associated products.
  • Use Windowmaker Wizards, based on our popular templates, and the Drag and Drop feature to quickly create and process simple designs.
  • Produce stunning graphical sales quotes with scaled images.
More than Operations.....
  • With a fully integrated system, Windowmaker improves operational efficiency by only requiring a single order entry.
More than Production.....
  • The Assembly List and Glass Usage features mean production information can be output with all options, components and instructions alongside a graphical image.

How it Works?

Windowmaker Lite is the entry level product for the Windowmaker product range - ideal for use by the small fabricator. The software includes much of the powerful functionality available in the larger products, such as Grid Wizards, the powerful and flexible Product Configurator and hundreds of standard design templates.

Windowmaker Lite also includes the powerful Windowmaker Rules - so only real products that can be made can be created, based on real data. Costing and pricing is calculated in real time, ensuring quick and accurate information.

Windowmaker Lite can be up and running in minutes, from order to production. For manufacturing, the standard reports include:

How it Works?

The Assembly List contain detailed manufacturing information, eliminating mistakes and including any selected options and components alongside a scaled image of the design. User definable details include: Customer Reference, Part List, Glass List and Glass Due Date, as well as the options to include Position Codes and printing multiple Assembly Lists for duplicate sales lines. Other Windowmaker Reports are also included, such as the ability to create Glass Purchase Orders.

Build My System

Standard Features

The standard version of Windowmaker Lite includes:

  • Hundreds of window and door designs
  • Quick & easy one-off designs/creations
  • Door panel module
  • Five sales quotes & five sales orders storage capacity
  • Digital photofronts for sales presentation
  • Variants on quotations
  • Five graphical products
Advanced Options

In addition, there are options to further expand the functionality of your solution, including: