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Windowseller is the complete software package designed to help reseller and installers produce professional quotations.

Offering advanced functionality, feature rich quotations and integration with a Windowmaker fabricator, Windowseller helps...

  • Close more sales
  • Close sales faster
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduce costs and lead times
  • Sharpen your image
Windowseller Job
Windowmaker Lite Upgrade order Form
Key Features

The window & door sales solution

Windowseller is the leading software designed for Resellers and Installers to produce professional quotations for windows and doors.

Designed to export order information into Windowmaker, it provides the ideal solution for the creation and processing of orders, or for generating frame designs to then use as Purchase Orders for your suppliers.

Key Features
  • Easy to use: Download and start using it within 5 minutes
  • Photorealistic Sales Quotes allow superb computer-generated images to be applied to any digital photo on the sales quote
  • Produce professional quotations with high impact
  • Increase conversions with alternatives to allow comparison to find the right solution for customers, and mix and match product types (glass, panels, profiles) for a complete proposal
  • Import data and export orders to your fabricator’s Windowmaker system
  • Graphical Design Wizard: Live and interactive product design
Reduce Processing Costs and Time

A key feature of Windowseller is how it can help reduce your processing costs and improve the time taken to process orders.

Additional key features include:

  • Rules Based Procedures: this helps ensure only valid products can be input, ensuring what is sold can be made.
  • Accurate prices and costs are calculated in real time.
  • Export to Windowmaker: the exact order can be exported to a fabricator’s Windowmaker system, ensuring there is no risk for inaccurate orders or data reentry.
  • Less paperwork: Windowseller simplifies the paperwork that surrounds initial quoting and specifications to a new customer.

How it Works?

Creating professional quotations

Windowseller allows you to quickly and easily create customised quotations, working with the customer on the design. You can include PhotoFronts for stunning images, product options with full specification and pricing for instant results. The sales quote can include your own logo and personalised text.

Order Processing

Once an order has been completed, you can print both new and existing Quotations, Photo Fronts and Frame Purchase Orders. For even quicker processing, Windowseller allows the order to be exported and emailed to a fabricator using Windowmaker, who can import the order directly, as well as exporting back product and cost price details.

Build My System

Standard Features

The standard version of Windowseller includes:

  • Hundreds of window and door designs
  • Quick & easy one-off designs/creations
  • Door panel module
  • Unlimited* sales quotes and sales orders storage capacity
  • Digital photofronts for sales presentation
  • Variants on quotations
  • Five graphical products
  • *Limited only by database size
Advanced Options

In addition, there are options to further expand the functionality of your solution, including:

Windowseller Tablet

Does your software keep your tied to your desk? Windowseller is the complete paperless solution - and by using a Microsoft Windows Tablet machine, you can do even more by using Windowseller Tablet.

The Tablet PC Edition of Windowseller offers all the rich functionality of the standard product, with advanced features from the Tablet PC.

  • Easily create, edit and complete orders with the customer using a stylus.
  • Use Tablet PC features to edit designs or to add notes and comments to a sales order or sales line.
  • Increase portability with a Tablet PC that can be carried on site, and used as a sales quote is being created or edited.

For more information., you can download the brochure here.

Windowseller Tablet PC