Configurator The Windowmaker Configurator: Unrivalled rules-based control for easy, but flexible quote and order entry.

The Windowmaker Configurator

The most advanced fenestration configurator available

The Windowmaker Configurator drives the software - with powerful features and unlimited possibilities

Drag and Drop functionality allows the user to quickly create and process simple designs from the options list

Choose from a customised list of options

Full colour, detailed graphics that clearly display the frames, glass and components during order entry

Windowmaker instantly displays, and updates, pricing

Use Keyboard shortcuts to reduce order processing time

Windowmaker Configurator

The Windowmaker Configurator enables the user to:

  • Specify the shape and dimensions of the sales line to be created, and choose the system to be used (including from PVC, aluminium, wood, steel, composite and GRP profiles)
  • Choose from standard designs, or your own custom ones using a drag & drop interface to include features and pane types
  • Perfectly align and dimension the finished sales line
  • Choose from the options list to change specification (from colour to material) or add extras

Office based order entry staff can achieve high throughput using the keyboard. On the other hand, remote sales or survey staff can also work efficiently using just the stylus on a Tablet PC.

The Windowmaker Rules dynamically control the options and answers available - ensuring products that cannot be manufactured also cannot be configured and stored.

The fully scaled, detailed graphics can be used in many documents later on, from Sales Quotes to Works Instructions, reducing mistakes and producing impressive sales material.

Windowmaker Options

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