Configurator Windowmaker Manufacturing: A unique methodology for efficient Window/Door production.

Automating production

Advanced solutions for lean manufacturing

Once sales orders have been created, and batched - either manually or with scheduling - Windowmaker then processes them through production, with a range of optimisation options and the ability to automate your manufacturing.


Once items have been batched and scheduled for production, Windowmaker has a range of features to maximise your efficiency:

  • Create optimum production sequences
  • Use Sub-batching to further improve production output
  • Use Pairing and Material Optimisation with Reusable Offcuts to minimise waste
  • Calculate machining requirements
Work Instructions

With the jobs passed through into Production, Windowmaker can provide a variety of Works Instructions, including:

  • Machine Links, to a variety of saws, working centres, welders and glass cutting tables
  • Labels and reports, which can be fully customised to your requirements including text and graphics
  • Windowmaker Tracking displays, which provide comprehensive Works Instructions for each station operator
  • The Tracking displays can show dynamically re-sequenced Work To Lists, to enable staff to react immediately to changed priorities

With Windowmaker Tracking Screens, you can manage the status of the entire production process.

  • Tracking Screens provide clear data on the progress of all work in progress, such as identifying completed frames
  • Link to a wide range of equipment including barcode scanners and label printers, for producing outputs including delivery documentation and barcodes labels
  • Reports can include comprehensive management information, including labour times and performance problem statistics
Windowmaker Options

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