Configurator Integrated Scheduling and Management of Purchasing, Production, Shipping and Installation.

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Windowmaker Scheduling allows the maintenance of compatible Purchasing, Production, Shipping and Installation schedules. New sales orders can be easily added to the schedules taking account of capacity and other constraints. Advanced facilities allow for orders to be split across production batches or even sites according to product characteristics. Scheduling

Windowmaker Batching allows smaller fabricators to manually create production batches, selecting sales orders manually and/or according to automatic criteria.

Commercial Contracts allows sales orders to be split into phases prior to scheduling or batching.

Planned purchase orders can be generated from inventory reordering, but also, for bought-to-order products such as glass units, via scheduling. The purchase orders can be printed or electronic, and, in both cases, take account of the special requirements of IGUs. Purchase orders and individual IGUs can be tracked. Scheduling
Inventory Control

Windowmaker can link to ERP inventory software, but also offers its own integrated multi-site Inventory Control. All transactions can be posted manually, but most can be automated, with e.g. Allocations generated via Production Scheduling and Issues generated either by a production batch being released to manufacture or by a frame or sash being tracked at a station in the factory.

Stock reordering based on accurate data and early identification of the requirements for scheduled sales orders usually allow manufacturers to maintain lower inventory levels and free up capital.

When used in conjunction with other modules, Windowmaker Inventory reporting provides valuation figures for Inventory, Work in Progress and Finished Goods. Profile Offcuts are managed as part of WUP.


When production is complete, shipping paperwork can be printed based on the frames and ancillaires that will actually ship. For shipping route optimization, data can be output to Microsoft MapPoint.

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