Configurator Maximize profitable sales with automated pricing impressive quotations, CAD drawings and photofronts.

Driving better sales performance

Windowmaker Sales Clients help you sell quickly, accurately and profitably

The starting point for any successful business is sales—and Windowmaker provides you with the tools to maximise your sales performance.

Whether it is providing Windowseller to your resellers and Windowmaker Sales Client to your own sales staff or surveyors, Windowmaker has the flexibility and features you need.

When using Windowmaker internally, it is available on a range of machines - from laptops & PCs to thin clients.

Standard Clients provide full functionality, from creating sales quotes and converting them to orders, through to transfer to the production.

If used remotely, Windowmaker can manage a range of requirements for the mobile workforce.

The Sales Client can be used to access Windowmaker directly, with features designed just for sales roles.

Alternatively, the Remote Sales Clients enable Sales Staff to work offline and replicate over the internet, or access the Head Office server directly to create sales quotes or enter orders.

For Resellers or Installers, Windowseller provides the ultimate Sales tool with all the benefits of Windowmaker integration.

Windowseller customers can export orders directly to Windowmaker manufacturers, and receive exact product, system and pricing information in return.

Sales Documentation allows you to create stunning graphical documents, from sales quotes and order confirmations to invoices, with the ability to include corporate branding, bought in sales lines and extras.

Design your own stationery, with default documents.

Clear, scaled drawings with bought in sales lines.

Prices automatically calculated from the price list.

Add one-off charges, and define what options are included.

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